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Pictures were part of the exhibition "Where the Path Leads" 
from 7 September to 6 October 2013 at Rye Art Gallery.   

Forest Watch  Oil on Linen  50 x 42 ins. 4500 SOLD
This painting has been donated to the Rye Art Gallery Permanent Collection in memory of Colin and Elaine Robertson.

Totemic Tales: How Beaver Stole Fire from the Pines
Oil on Gesso  11 x 10 ins  450 SOLD

Totemic Tales: Mexica  
Oil on Gesso  11 x 10 ins  450  SOLD

Totemic Tales: Wolf Trail
Oil on Gesso 11 x 10ins  450  SOLD 

Totemic Tales: The Messengers
Oil on Gesso  11 x 10 ins  450  SOLD

Totemic Tales: In the Night
Oil on Panel  11 x 13 ins  650  SOLD

Mr Bradbury Takes His Leave
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